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M.K. Čiurlionio kūryba

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Kaunas, Vilnius, Šiauliai, Druskininkai



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M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art
V. Putvinskio g. 55, Kaunas


GO9 Shopping Centre, 3rd floor
Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius


Šiaulių aušros muziejus, Ch. Frenkelio vila
Vilniaus g. 74, Šiauliai


M.K. Čiurlionio Memorialinis muziejus
M.K. Čiurlionio g. 35, Druskininkai


Lietuvių dailės muziejus, Galerija siela
14911 E 127th St, Lemont, IL


M.K. Čiurlionio galerija
5620 S. Claremont Ave. Chicago, IL 60636

Trail of Angels

From now on - all over Lithuania!

From now on, the virtual reality film "Trail of Angels" is being transported all over Lithuania. Book your private movie screening now!

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Angelų takais

Paintings by Čiurlionis in the movie!

Throughout the film, the environment changes in response to the viewer’s gaze. The surroundings become more detailed when observed carefully, as if you are becoming immersed into the paintings.

With this VR film, you are invited to get acquainted with 60 famous, and some less-known paintings by Čiurlionis, including: Serenity, Angels, The Altar, The Angel, News and The Sun.

Trail of Angels

Unique, fresh, never seen before

Trail of Angels (2018)

“For this experience, it was important not only to transfer the paintings into the realm of virtual reality, but also to convey the related emotions – to allow the viewer to experience what the artist wanted to present in his work. As many as 60 paintings were used for this interactive experience (with the most famous ones being Serenity, Angels, The Altar, The Angel, News and The Sun). Some of them are only fragments – elements of the background, certain objects, details, lights, the sky, the earth and so on. We never became bored or weary while creating this VR film, even though we spent so much time immersed in the artist’s work, because we always felt his positive energy. It’s no surprise to us that after seeing the film, everyone says ‘I want to come back again, as it felt really good’,” said K. Buožytė and V. Žukas.



The project not only impressed the audience at the Venice Film Festival in 2018, but also won the prestigious Lumen Prize for Art and Technology in the UK in 2019, as well as receiving the prestigious Silver Crane award for Professional Mastery in Lithuania in 2020.

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The Lumen Prize
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